Food processing work uniforms

At 1st Impression, we take food processing safety seriously when it comes to your workwear and fabrics. Not only are we committed to providing the highest quality food processing workwear and service to our customers, we are also committed to safety and cleanliness at all times in our processes and operations.

From washing to delivery, we go the extra mile to ensure you always have clean and safe workwears and linens. We also provide a HACCP-conscious workwear program, including a three-tier sanitation process to ensure our high quality product meets strict compliance standards


Why is it important to wear proper uniform in the food processing industry?

Without the right kind of uniforms, as well as proper cleaning and maintenance procedures, employees could contaminate food with dangerous pathogens. And it’s very easy to spread these kinds of microscopic contaminants.

What do food factory workers wear?

When it comes to protective clothing for food preparation, aprons are the most essential item for kitchen staff or food processing workers. A simple apron can mprove hygiene levels in the workplace and establish a professional tone for service.

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