Rent, sale and lease

When you buy fabrics, whether for a restaurant, healthcare facility or hospitality facility, you’re stuck with what you get. You have to launder, maintain, repair, track and replace all items yourself. Additionally, employee turnover can result in inventory loss and additional work measuring and ordering new custom items to match your existing linens. This is expensive, inefficient, inconsistent and tedious to manage while focusing on your primary business priorities. Renting linen services is less expensive, easier, more consistent and more efficient.

Laundering Costs: When you rent linens from us you don’t have to worry about keeping track of linen inventory, laundering linens, sorting linens and ensuring your linens are hygienically clean and visually presentable. We take care of it all at a reasonable, budget- friendly and predictable rate.

Repair & Maintenance Costs: Needed repairs are made while items are in the shop for their regularly scheduled laundering. When they wear out, we simply replace them with new items. Dirty laundry is tucked away in specially designated storage bins designed for your safety and convenience. Fresh linens are placed in storage lockers or other designated areas to keep them fresh and clean until needed.


Why does rental work?
  • No large upfront investment.
  • No inventory, storage or ordering
  • Flexible to meet your changing
  • No maintenance cost.
Do we ever own the uniforms?

In a typical rental program, we, the supplier, always own the uniforms. We provide them to you without any upfront investment on your part, and then you return them to us when an employee’s employment with you ends

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