Restaurant uniforms

When you choose 1st Impression restaurant services, you’ll enjoy: Certified hygienically clean linens Our superior uniform and linen laundering and delivery service Additional supplies and services to keep your washrooms immaculate and hygienic.1st Impression offers an entire line of restaurant services aimed at making your restaurant shine. Whether you’re looking for the sophisticated professionalism for the front of the house or a tough-wearing garment for the back, 1st Impression has uniforms that will keep your entire staff looking crisp and professional.


What is the standard proper work attire for a restaurant server?

A dress code suggests guidelines that the staff are asked to adhere to — like wearing all black, or requiring a shirt with a collar. A server uniform is more specific: a branded shirt, specific hat or apron, or (in some cases) a complete outfit.

Why is wearing a uniform important?

Uniforms are a great team-building resource for your staff, and they can improve overall customer service as well as brand awareness. Company uniforms make it easy for buyers to locate employees in a crowd, cutting down on response time.

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