About us

Located in East York, we specialize in professional workwear used in various occupations. Our product is manufactured in line with the compliance and safety measures set by the federal government. With an extensive product range of over 1000 different styles to suit all types of businesses, we can tailor a workwear program that will suit any business, regardless of size or budget. We offer a personalized service by working closely with our clients, so depending what your needs are, we can be as much or as little involved in your workwear program as you like. Furthermore, thanks to our attractive prices, we will help you save money – So staying within your budget is easy, as there is no compromise on style or choice. 

The scrubs you see today evolved out of the nun’s habit. Nuns used to be the ones who took care of the injured or sick people in the past. A floor-length wear was used by one of Florence Nightingale’s students in his well- respected nursing institution in London.

We offer end-to-end totally managed service from designing an entirely exclusive workwear based on your requirements to replicating an existing one. So there’s no need to worry, should you wish to change your supplier.